‘In Search Of Darkness Part III’ Closes Out David Weiner’s Multi-Year Journey Through ‘80s Horror

“The finish line of David Weiner’s epic saga through the dimly-lit corridors of ‘80s horror cinema lies in sight at the end of a five-hour runtime. In Search of Darkness: Part III … represents a culmination of the filmmaker’s desire to meticulously document the greatest decade for thrills, chills, and gruesome practical effects on the big screen.”

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‘In Search Of Darkness Part II’ Director David Weiner On Probing The Obscure Corners Of ‘80s Horror

“Almost two years ago, entertainment-journalist-turned-filmmaker David Weiner released In Search of Darkness, a mammoth-sized documentary about horror films in the 1980s. Well, it turns out four-and-a-half hours wasn’t enough.”

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‘In Search of Darkness: Part III’ Conjures Up a 5-Hour Feast for Horror Fans

“Filmmaker David Weiner pulls back the curtain on the new doc, and shares how audiences can get involved in the process.”

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’80s Sci-Fi Doc ‘In Search of Tomorrow’ Explores How Theater Lobbies Were the Original Hype Machines

“The crowdfunded film, from entertainment journalism vet David Weiner, features interviews with luminaries of the sci-fi genre.”

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Convo X Fango: ‘In Search of Darkness III’ with David Weiner

In Search Of Darkness III director David Weiner joined us to chat about the upcoming installment, ISOD past, and the infectious energy of excitement when talking about favorite ’80s horror titles”


In Search of Tomorrow’s Director Dishes on What Will Be the Ultimate Documentary for 1980s Sci-Fi Fans

“Last year, director David Weiner made a documentary called In Search of Darkness, an epic celebration of 1980s horror films. His new project, In Search of Tomorrow, will do the same for 1980s sci-fi, compiling tons of interviews with the people who made these now-classic films.” 

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Exclusive Interview: Epic 80’s Horror Doc Director David Weiner On “In Search of Darkness: Part III”

“Even amid a veritable golden age of stellar horror documentaries, the first two entries in the 1980s-centered In Search of Darkness series stand out as … well, not exactly a cut above. More like a cut above … and below … and in the middle … and everywhere in between.”

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Interview: Director David Weiner Talks ‘In Search of Darkness: Part II and His Long-Term Love Affair with Horror

“The first installment of David Weiner’s behemoth of a documentary, In Search of Darkness, instantly distinguished itself as a definitive exploration of ’80s horror and a “temple to the genre gods.” In case four-and-a-half hours and discussions of roughly 80 horror films didn’t satisfy your bloodlust, David Weiner is back with his upcoming continuation, In Search of Darkness: Part II.”

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