Endorsements for David Weiner by colleagues,

and praise for the IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS Trilogy


Susan Leighton – Journalist, 1428 Elm

“David Weiner is first and foremost a writer. He has the sort of career that most journalists aspire to and few achieve.”

Rick Joyce – Creative Consultant at Tribune Broadcasting

“David’s writing cuts through with clarity and nuance. He brings that same nuance into his high-profile interviews. I was always impressed with the extent to which he did his homework–getting interview subjects to open up with some well-studied piece of information. This value-added intel often engaged the guest and let them know they were not sitting across from just another journo who did a cursory glance at their bio before sitting down for the big in-depth interview. David Weiner is the real deal; prepared, creative and hardworking.”

Dominie Lee – Director of Operations at Movieland Classics/Famous Monsters

“David was responsible for aggregating writers and procuring content and interviews with actors and/or creators that fit the theme of each issue, but he didn’t just stop there. David was a proactive team player, participating in company projects outside of his immediate responsibilities and very effective in engaging the media through press releases and outreach initiatives. He is reliable and takes pride in his work and I would highly recommend him for your company.”

Karen Penhale – Sr. VP Publicity – Click Communications

“David is an excellent reporter and editor covering film and television and has done a wide variety of stories for us for the past 10 years in both print and video. He is a wonderful film buff and does the research so that whenever you give him an interview, he brings the right questions and trivia needed to score great interviews and allow the talent to shine. He ranks as a top-flight professional who is agile and he can also write about tech and FX as well as pop culture along with the best.”

Alan Meier – Publicist at Paramount Pictures

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with David in a professional capacity for the last five years. He’s helped produce some truly innovative, interesting articles and video pieces on some of the films I’ve help promote. He’s a great writer and is willing to take a risk to come up with great content. He’s also truly a pleasure to work with, very professional and well respected.”

Jennifer Pham – Art Director for Famous Monsters of Filmland

“I’m not sure if I have met anyone as passionate as David Weiner while working on Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine together. He has a clear and concise vision and doesn’t take no for an answer (ask him about the last minute Mark Hamill interview days before uploading to our printers). He’s filled with great ideas and is meticulous when trying to create the best product out there. David is very knowledgeable about pop culture and has great stories to share.”

Ben Walker Storey – Illustrator, Apparel Graphic Artist, Animator

“David Weiner’s vision and passion for the world of monsters, pop culture, Hollywood, the rich history of Forrest J Ackerman and Famous Monsters of Filmland, is as deep as it gets. He made my transition into a team of mostly n00bs bearable. David will make a fantastic asset to any company that needs entertainment writing/journalism/interviews.”

Michael Charach – Director Marketing & Affiliate Relations, CBS Television 

“A passion for storytelling and a pleasure to work with on every project. When one of our affiliates had an interest in some filmmakers from Cleveland, David went out of his way to help us get an interview and custom promos for the station. David is a real gem and a great addition to any team.”

Jeannie Assimos – Vice President, Content at eHarmony

“I had the privilege of working with David for over 7 years at ETonline. Besides managing various microsites/special sections throughout the year and the movies hub, David was a key player in breaking celebrity news and being part of our 24/7 daily news operation there. He always handled stressful situations extremely well, stepping up to the plate and doing what needed to get done — even if that meant working until 5 a.m. or staying until midnight! I always knew I could count on him, his veteran skill level and positive attitude to help our team. David was also extremely responsible, a great communicator and just an overall wonderful person to have worked with. He is definitely someone you want on your team!”

John Barrile – Trailer Supervisor at Paramount Pictures

“David is a world class writer/entertainment reporter. His reports on the entertainment business, as well as his breaking major entertainment news, are second to none. David isn’t just someone who got a job writing about the entertainment business, it’s his passion. What he brings to the table is more than most entertainment reporters could ever dream of. He has worked production, so he gets that. He understands how a set works, the hierarchy, the demands, the hours and the pressure more than 99% of the other entertainment reporters. He has a love and a deep knowledge of film and film history. This brings a depth and a scope to his writing that, again, most other entertainment reporters lack. How can you say that George Clooney is our generation’s Cary Grant if you have no idea who Cary Grant is? His work has been published online and in magazines. He has broken entertainment stories that have swept the internet, with other entertainment agencies quoting him verbatim. His fascination and knowledge of each actor that he interviews resume isn’t just something that he looked up on IMDB, he has actually seen most of their films! How does this help? When you can ask a question about an obscure film or character moment or line of dialog, that surprises an actor, he or she knows that they are not dealing with your average reporter. This opens an actor up, and by opening them up, you get to see a passion, a charm and a joy by them for their work that you wouldn’t normally get. His work shows he cares. It’s not cookie cutter, it’s not bland, and it’s not lifeless.”

Antoinette Bueno – Senior Editor, Entertainment Tonight

“I worked with David for three years at Entertainment Tonight, and it was an absolute pleasure. Aside from being amazingly knowledgeable about the film industry, he’s also very helpful in everything from copywriting to general knowledge about entertainment. I could not have asked for a better co-worker.”

Krista Wick – Customer Care Team Lead, Spreemo Health

I had the great pleasure of working alongside David during my formative years in the editorial world, and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor. He always took the time to copy edit my material (or anyone else’s for that matter) and his extensive knowledge of the industry never failed to blow my mind. Apart from being a great co-worker, David’s pieces are consistently creative, entertaining and a pleasure to read. He has my highest recommendation.

Robin Lapid – Writer, Editor, and Storyteller

“I trusted David implicitly on my team; his work was always well-written, he has a keen eye as an editor, and he’s highly organized. He’s a team player who knows how to work on his own as well as he does with others. David also has an easygoing attitude that belies his ability to get his work done in a timely fashion, which is a big plus. He’s great at what he does, and he can hold his own in any situation.”

Allen Di Benedetto – Producer/Writer/Editor

“Great worker and mentor. Helped me with just about every aspect of field producing, from dealing with publicists to formulating interview questions to writing articles, and beyond. He was always willing to take time to patiently answer my often numerous questions, and never hesitated to offer helpful suggestions to my work when asked. He’s creative, insightful, and passionate, and a nice chap to boot! David is a true force of journalistic nature. All should be so lucky to be swept in his path.”

Shannon Poulos – Event Producer at Iacono Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with David Weiner for over 13 years at Entertainment Tonight. He is creative and dependable. His writing style is entertaining and inspired. David possesses excellent communication skills and has an ability to work both independently and with any member of the staff and is able to multi-task to ensure that all assignments are completed on time. He managed his role with efficiency, organization and good humor. He would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any job he chooses to pursue.”

Sharlette Hambrick – President of Development at Luna Features

“David is a wonderful creative writer. David is extremely easy to work with and has an effective interview style. He is knowledgable about many aspects of the Film Industry. He has managerial qualities necessary to lead a team. David has my full recommendation.”

Jackie Potts – Content Editor, Copy Writer & Social Media Strategist

“David is a creative and dependable writer who brings an insider’s knowledge of movies to everything he writes. Reliable and calm when everyone else is losing their head, he’s your go-to guy in high-pressure situations.”

Niki Moore MS, MFTI, RBT – Behavior Technician, Beautiful Minds Center for Autism

“David is one of the most knowledgeable entertainment gurus in the business! An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Carolyn Hu – Digital Consultant

“David is highly recommended! He’s a great person to work with, easy-going and very knowledgable and experienced in his field.”

Evan Starkman – Video Writer at WebMD

“Whether he’s writing celeb news, movie previews, or award-show recaps, David quickly gets to the heart of the story and holds the reader’s attention with his entertaining style. He’s also a skilled copy editor who improves his coworkers’ articles with his insights. Having worked alongside him for several years at ETonline, and I can easily recommend him to any company seeking an experienced pro.”

Leona Barad – Executive Assistant at The Walt Disney Company

“I worked with David for many years and was always impressed by his knowledge, expertise, professionalism and integrity. I always knew that if David was handling a story, I wouldn’t need to worry about it. He would be an asset to anyone lucky enough to have him!”

James Helsing – Director, Teleplay writer at The Search Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with David for many years on “Entertainment Tonight” – the most-watched entertainment news program in the world. Wherein multiple staff members of various ranks took the low road of drama, stress-inducing, belittling and shouting (amidst a generally accepted atmosphere of fear generated by hierarchy), David always took the high road. His calm demeanor complimented the deadline-oriented in high-pressure news environment, always maintaining his professionalism, good sense of humor and inherent ability to overcome any obstacles that often presented themselves.

David is a thorough, insightful, creative writer who expertly and effortlessly mixes fact with history, wit, trivia and finesse. One of my daily responsibilities was proofreading stories to be published on ET Online. I always looked forward to reading David’s work as I knew I would be entertained with excellent structure, thoroughness and strong storytelling. We had the occasion to talk many times via phone so I can speak to David’s eloquent telephone etiquette and that high road earlier cited.

David is a thoughtful celebrity/filmmaker interviewer who often gets exclusive content. I have seen and read many of these interviews and he never fails to put his subjects at ease with his sense of humor, warmth and genuine love of the artist’s work – past and present.

David would be an excellent asset to any company as he is a dedicated, hard-working professional who generates high-quality results in a timely manner while treating his colleagues with respect and kindness. A rare breed, indeed.”

Meg Swertlow – Director/Screenwriter, former News Editor at E!

“I swear to God, you are the only reason I know how to use commas or hyphenate anything. Anytime I have a question about grammar, I think, ‘What would David say?'”

Christian Spoerl – Director of Digital Marketing, Fintech Credit Innovations

“I worked with David on several projects and his editorial insights are second to none. He is a master of his craft and produces amazing content! I highly recommend him to any organization.”





Making his directorial debut, David Weiner has crafted a scary good magnum opus on his very first attempt.” – Forbes

“Going to the darkest corner of the 1980s, a time that redefined the horror genre.” The Hollywood Reporter

“The new documentary In Search of Darkness shines a blood-spattered spotlight on the demented delights of the age.” Entertainment Weekly

In Search of Darkness is a fantastic film and must-see for any fan of the horror genre.”Movieweb

“Atop it all sits director David A. Weiner, who’s doing a hell of a job putting together this behemoth. … In Search of Darkness is a fitting tribute to the history of horror, because it understands the full scope and reach of the genre. It’s for the VHS geeks and physical media curators. It’s for the weird kids, and the cult devotees, and the twisted, and the cinema appreciative, and the culture critics. Whatever kind of fan you are, In Search of Darkness is calling out to you.” Daily Dead

In Search of Darkness clocks in at more than four hours long, but don’t let that, uh, scare you away. It could easily go on for another two hours, and not lose its sense of engagement and fun.” The Spool

“In Search of Darkness is the type of film horror fans dream about.” Geeks of Doom

“This documentary is so wonderfully done that it should appeal to anyone, of any age, who has an interest in learning about the history of horror, why the eighties will always be the most important decade for the genre, and the people behind-the-scenes who made the magic happen. In Search of Darkness isn’t just about nostalgia, it’s an all-encompassing, delightfully spooky love letter to eighties horror.” Dread Central

“When you watch IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS, nostalgia runs rampant. Weiner, a former journalist and executive editor of Famous Monster of Filmland Magazine from 2015-16, calls on the likes of John Carpenter, Tom Atkins, Joe Dante, Don Mancini, Heather Langenkamp, Keith David, Ken Sagoes, Barbara Crampton, Kane Hodder, Greg Nicotero, the late Larry Cohen (to whom the documentary is dedicated to), and a slew of other horror greats to talk about films year by year and their favorite moments and anecdotes from the set. … this documentary is a great ride.” Rue Morgue

“This documentary feature from director David A. Weiner (his first film) is nothing short of epic.”Daily Film Fix

“For the film’s four-hour plus runtime, director David A. Weiner compiled an impressive roster of interviewees and archival footage to deliver the ultimate masterclass in ‘80s horror.” The Daily Texan

“In both format and sheer heft, In Search of Darkness somewhat recalls one of those massive rental guidebooks that used to sit on coffee tables and under entertainment centers, filled with capsule reviews of seemingly any movie you could possibly think of.” Boston Hassle

“Speaking from the heart … It’ll also make for an excellent choice as background for Halloween parties, given the plethora of highlight clips, posters, and familiar faces talking about the movies they love, too.”Birth. Movies. Death.

“This documentary, directed by David Weiner, revels with childish glee at this often schlocky decade, but one that nonetheless brought us titles which will go down as classics of the genre … In Search of Darkness is a geeky and passionate tribute to American 80s horror films that will either have you grinning in reminiscence or noting down all the films you haven’t watched.” Sublime Horror

“It was absolutely captivating and everything I had been hoping for. I left IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS with a deeper understanding of this decade of horror, and seeing how impactful these films have been on so many of us genre fans was an incredibly meaningful experience for me.”Nightmarish Conjurings

“If you aren’t a huge fan of 80s horror, or you write off the films from that period as too campy, I challenge you to watch the full documentary and come out the other side with the same opinion.” All Horror

“Every film, no matter the budget or critical reception is analysed with the same warmth and respect, gently poking fun at some of the more egregious excesses of the 1980s. Any self-respecting horror fan, no matter their age, should watch this documentary.” Set the Tape

“One of the more interesting effects In Search of Darkness had on me was that it changed my mind. While I’ve always freely admitted it was a successful era, I personally thought it too predilected with gimmicky slasher pictures. I now consider that opinion entirely short-sighted. In Search of Darkness properly showcases just how an inventive time it truly was with slashers bumping elbows with monsters, aliens, demons, zombies,  killer toys, ghosts and most importantly, completely risky ideas and concepts.” Plaid Stallions

“In Search of Darkness is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see so many people come together and talk about so many different facets of the decade so many fans pine for now, but it also shows the passion of the performers, directors, writers, and most of all fans within the horror community that were unmatched in the 1980s.” CreepyLovely 

“In Search of Darkness is the most comprehensive piece of work ever done about 1980s horror flicks. … a celebration of people liking what they like and not having to defend their tastes or choices because that’s what horror has always been about: a home for the outcast and the misfits.” Still Crew

“Breaking down this [’80s horror] revolution in painstaking detail, writer-director David A. Weiner revels in diving deep into the nuance and inspiration behind some of the most iconic and memorable horror films of all time.” Goombastomp

Five-Star Ratings of In Search of Darkness: Part I and more on LETTERBOXD



“Part II has it all and more. The end product is a highly binge-able horror black hole that can easily suck up an entire afternoon with almost no effort.” – Forbes

“Sitting down to a David Weiner film, I’ve learned, is like sitting for a feast that is traveling down a high-speed conveyer belt. Every moment is a delight and an indulgence and, at the same time, so overwhelming and fast-paced you’re almost certain you can’t possibly absorb it all. In Search of Darkness: Part II … invites audiences to go deeper. The intelligence and love and labor that has gone into this documentary cannot be understated.” – Daily Dead

“A hell of a ride from start to finish, horror fans will still be left wanting more when the credits roll, as was the case with the original movie.” – MovieWeb

“If you’re a horror fan, this is the documentary to watch. There were so many great stories that were both funny and fascinating. There’s no weak link and, despite its 4 ½ hour runtime, it goes by fast.” – Nightmarish Conjurings

“David Weiner’s work really shows how much the genre means to him and those he interviewed for this project. In Search of Darkness Parts I & II are one of the best series of documentaries to cover an era of horror that will probably never be repeated. There is a reason horror in the 1980s is iconic and this series delivers in more ways than one on why that is.” – Killer Horror Critic

“While paying respectful tribute to the stars and the brains behind each picture, ISOD2 offers detailed, chronological and spoiler-free looks into a positive maelstrom of b-movies, video nasties, cult classics and creature features. The sheer volume of films I had previously glimpsed but never deemed worth my time, only to have In Search of Darkness instantly sell me on, is astounding.” – Beyond the Veil

In Search of Darkness: Part II takes the lessons learned and the few gaps from the first film to create a follow-up that manages to top even that fairly impressive affair. … Equal parts love letter and educated examination of the horror scene of the era, this is an absolute must-watch film for horror fans.” – 411 Mania

In Search of Darkness II is an utter joy and just like the first film, the four hours fly by, and I mean fly by. … David Weiner has to tread a very careful line here and has once again knocked it right out of the park. This is essential to any genre fans catalogue. Could there be a part 3? Goodness, I hope so as you are still somehow left, after 9 hours of runtime wanting more.” – Upcoming On Screen

Five-Star Ratings of In Search of Darkness: Part II and more on LETTERBOXD



“Conjures up a five-hour feast for horror fans. … Filmmaker David Weiner pulls back the curtain on the new doc, and shares how audiences can get involved in the process.” The Hollywood Reporter 

 “In Search of Darkness: Part III represents a culmination of the filmmaker’s desire to meticulously document the greatest decade for thrills, chills, and gruesome practical effects on the big screen.” – Forbes

“A nostalgic love letter to a fantastic era of cinema, capping the critically-acclaimed, fan-favorite In Search of Darkness trilogy with a bang.” – Fangoria

“The definitive look at horror wrought from the decade of excess. … For Weiner, this ends an unexpected but fulfilling four-year journey into a genre he loves and a decade in which he grew up.” – Still Crew

“Sheer beloved devotion. A dedication to horror cinema.” – Dead Northern

Five-Star Ratings of In Search of Darkness: Part III and more on LETTERBOXD:

“So many weird & interesting movies I didn’t know about & want to find now.” – Turtle_Dustin/Letterboxd

“I could have literally sat through 15 more of these films.” – Scream Queen/Letterboxd

“Now I’m off to watch every single movie discussed in this series.” – Kelli Madden/Letterboxd

“The happiest 5 hours I’ve ever spent watching a documentary.” – Rene Franco/Letterboxd

“The amount of effort that went into these epic 80s horror recap docs alone is worth five stars.” – 4starmogwai/Letterboxd

“Amazing finale to the best ’80s horror doc series out there.” – Alexis/Letterboxd


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